Safety Locks: Convenience And Safety Of Parking

Nov 17th, 2020

Every parking lift, whether it is an tilting parking lift, a garage parking lift, a classic two-post car lift or a four-post parking lift, has mechanical safety locks.

The mechanical safety lock of the parking lift is designed primarily to securely fix the parking pallet (platform) at the upper lifting point. The presence of a mechanical safety lock prevents the unintentional lowering of the parking pallet (platform) during the storage period.

The device of a mechanical safety lock for parking lifts has some differences from each other due to the differences in designs of different models of lifts. So on tilting parking lifts used locks in the form of hooks, placed under the pallet and engaging at the top lifting point with a lever located on a special rod. Parking lifts with horizontal pallet placement use mechanical locks, the latches of which are also located under the parking pallet, but the engagement slots are already located in the vertical support posts. 

Lock holes of parking lifts, in order to be able to adjust the lifting height of the parking pallet, have a certain pitch, which makes it possible to adjust the lifting height of the pallet (platform) to the overall height of the garage and to the specific height of each vehicle.

The principle of operation of the mechanical lock of a parking lift is quite simple and reliable. When you activate the electro hydraulic drive, the parking platform starts rising. Upon reaching a certain height, the clamps begin to automatically fall into the engagement manholes when lifting and jump higher. When the limit switch of the upper position of the platform is triggered, the rising of the platform stops, at this moment the lock should be in the lock hole. The simultaneous occurrence of these two points is achieved by adjusting the executing devices.

Full range of 17 mechanical lock blocks start from 500mm of the bottom of the post until reach the lifting position. Each block is 70mm high and 80mm gap in between. And it will be activated when there is any failure 


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