Spacvertical Car Parking Solution With Free Access

Spacvertical Car Parking Solution With Free Access

Nov 12th, 2021

Space-saving: vertical car parking solution


We know parallel and perpendicular parking from driving school, but there is also vertical parking - in automatic multi-tiered racks. Moreover, there are simple car lifts in the form of a «bookcases»,  suitable for both private and commercial purposes. Is it possible to solve the parking problem with their help?


The Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 submersible parking lift is an excellent solution for increasing the number of parking spaces by using the available space. These are parking models with independent car pick-up. These are models of parking equipment with independent car removal. There are two level car lifts with single or double platform for 2 or 4 vehicles.

Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 consists of support columns on which the lower / upper platforms are lifted up and down. At the front of the system, there are lifting cylinders and inter-platform connecting rods. 


• Independent parking for two / four cars with a pit

• Platforms allow independent placement of two / four vehicles with a minimum pit depth

• Standard lifting platform capacity 2.7t

• Suitable for vehicles with a height of 170cm

• Parking space width up to 240-250 cm for a single platform, for a double platform 470-500 cm

• Systems can be modified according to specific customer requirements


Standard equipment

• Parking system with two platforms, 2 columns with lifting cylinders, low-noise hydraulic unit, safe control box

• Platform with side rails and wave plates. Galvanized and powder coated for optimum corrosion protection

• Control Box with key and emergency stop button. Pre-installed electrical wiring to the hydraulic unit

• Designed in such a way that there is free space between the cylinders with the rear support columns to allow the doors to open freely.

• The synchronization system of the parking lift lifting mechanism is designed to ensure smooth, strictly horizontal and balanced lifting of the parking lift from/to the pit.

• Hydraulic block valve prevents unwanted lowering of platforms.

Support posts

The steel used in the production of support posts with a thickness of 6 mm provides the Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 parking lift with a double safety factor of the structure, which can also withstand double dynamic loads. The fastening of the support posts to the floor surface is carried out with 16 M12*150 anchor bolts, which completely eliminates the displacement or swinging of the posts or the lift itself. Continuous welding of the seams of the structure also provides the required degree of rigidity and reliability of fastening the parts of the lift. The supporting posts of the Hydro-Park2227 / 2127 parking lift are painted using powder coating technology and consists in electrostatic spraying of a paint suspension on the metal, which evenly falls on the metal surface, in addition to the painting itself, making the metal protection resistant to various aggressive environments (gasoline, oils, reagents) and mechanical stress. At the customer’s request, the protection of the metal parts of the Hydro-Park2227 / 2127 parking lift (posts, platforms) can be done by hot-dip galvanizing, which will significantly improve its protection, increase its service life and provide an attractive appearance for a long period of operation.

Parking platforms

The parking platforms consists of four main beams that form the main frame of the platform, three transverse ones that give the platform rigidity and serve as a support for the wave plates of the parking platform. The main and cross beams of the platform are fastened to each other with M12*150 bolts, which ensures reliable fastening of the general contour of the platform, provides the necessary rigidity of fastening and prevents the platform from skewing during operation.

The overall dimensions of the parking platform are 5300*2300mm. At the request of the customer, the dimensions of the platform in width can be increased up to 2550mm.


Control Box

The control box is always equipped with 3 control elements:

1. Key switch/ rotary lever-button / lift-lower buttons;

2. Emergency stop button;

3. Light and sound indicator.

There are also options to install the parking lift control panels on the columns and on the walls.

As an option, it is possible to make control panels for the Hydro-Park 2127 parking lift. The presence of a remote control makes the parking more comfortable.

The parking platform is also much more comfortable and safer to lift by pressing the button on the remote control.

The remote control key fob for the Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 parking lift is also convenient because it can always be carried in conjunction with the car key, which will eliminate the issue of losing the key fob or leaving it anywhere.


Electric cabinet

The electric cabinet of the Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 parking lift consists of a set of circuit breakers (three- and single-phase), intermediate relays, time relays, fuse transformers, a contactor and a diode bridge, which provide the process of distributing electrical energy from the input power cable between the lifting devices. 80% of all electrical components of the electrical cabinet are manufactured by Schneider Electric, which ensures the quality and durability of Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 electrical components.

Control elements are located on the central panel of the cabinet (power on / off switch, power indicator light in the system).


Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 is suitable for installation in underground garages or for retrofitting an existing garage. The best option for parking in:

 • Shopping and entertainment center

• Business centers

• Hypermarkets

• Hotels

• Airports

• Railway stations

• Restaurants, cafes

• Stadiums and sports complexes

• Theaters, palaces of culture and creativity

• Parking lots of various types

• Garage premises of residential buildings

• Office buildings


The simplicity of installation and operation of the Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 parking lift, as well as its reliability, make it indispensable if you want to get an additional parking space. The simple installation process, compact placement and extremely simple operation using the key / buttons or remote control key fob (option) make the Hydro-Park 2227 / 2127 accessible to all user groups.

Mutrade modify products to meet different customer needs. This parking solution uses the available space to increase the number of parking spaces, which, depending on the version, can be up to 4 parking spaces.


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