How Underground Parking Makes Megacities More Comfortable

How Underground Parking Makes Megacities More Comfortable

Oct 18th, 2021

Large metropolitan areas are developing underground construction, freeing up space for parks and public spaces. Today multi-level parking has become very popular. They allow you to place the maximum number of vehicles while occupying a small area. This car lift can be called a full-fledged mechanized underground garage. Four Post Car Parking Lift with Pit is applicable in cases where the ground area is very limited or the landscape design does not allow the construction of a conventional car storage room.

The underground mechanized garage works like a lift. A pit is required to install this parking solution. Four Post Car Elevator lowers the vehicle to the desired storage level.

Features of underground car lifts

Several cars and other types of vehicles can be stored underground at once. Fully utilizing the underground space, Underground Car Park System PFPP installation does not affect the lighting of neighboring buildings.


Possibility of realizing a parallel arrangement of several lifts to increase the number of parking systems on the existing territory. By grouping several units of Underground Parking Lifts FPPP by installing car lifts in a row - side by side or in front of each other using the sharing posts feature allows you to reduce installation space and equipment costs. 

PFPP integrate into the surrounding landscape - the cars are stored underground and the upper platform can be individually designed by users. The on ground platform can be covered with decorative stone or lawn in accordance with the surrounding landscape.

The FPPP can simultaneously lift upper and lower vehicles to provide independent parking. Drivers have free access to cars because there are no side posts on the upper level and the platforms are located horizontally.

Operation and safety of undergground car parking lifting systems

Operation and safety of the PFPP are characterized by high operational safety and ease of use.

To control parking spaces, a special remote control is used ( remote control is optional).

The control is carried out from the Control Panel, which consists of a locking key that can be pulled out only when the platform is lowered and an emergency stop button. Raising and lowering the platforms is carried out using the appropriate key. The control panel is located in a protective case against atmospheric precipitation and is mounted on a special rack. Underground Parking Lift PFPP has mechanisms for fixing the platform, as well as equipment to prevent the platform from lowering when the hydraulic line breaks. The system adopts the technology of synchronization with uneven load distribution. 


Special guides are used to position the vehicle on the platform. 

Light and sound alarms are available.

The hydraulic unit is silent due to the motor-pump combination, which ensures sound absorption by the oil.

Protection against theft.

Since cars are stored underground, the likelihood of being stolen is minimized, as well as damage from vandalism.

Lifting equipment of pit type is used both in private houses and in the parking lots of office buildings and business centers. With such advantages as low noise level, high speed and high safety factor, the PFPP underground parking lifts developed by Mutrade are one of the best solutions for independent parking in urban conditions with limited space.


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