Car Parking Lifts: Which One Is Right?

Car Parking Lifts: Which One Is Right?

Sep 24th, 2021

Car parking lifts: which one is right? 

How to choose between simple two post car lift and tilting parking lift?

Today in the world, in large cities in particular, the use of new parking lifts and car lifting mechanisms in garages is becoming widespread. Car parking lifts and parking equipment are vehicle lifts that allow you to compactly place cars on top of each other, thereby significantly saving space. The most common and cost-effective option to get an extra parking space is parking lifts. As a rule, the most common parking lifts in the world are simple two post car lifts and tilting parking lifts.

Simple Garage parking lifts are used in garages with high ceilings and high utility lines.

The average clear height of the garage must be at least 3600mm. Hydraulic tilting parking lifts make it possible to place cars in two levels in garages with lower ceilings - from 2700mm. But in this case, you will have to lengthen the parking space, depending on the size of the car, which is supposed to be parked on the upper level.


Both 2 Post simple Car Lifts and Low Ceiling Car Parking Lifts are dependent in terms of placement and use of cars.

Indeed, in order to use the upper vehicle, the lower vehicle must be removed from first level  platform. Dependent Parking lifts are also convenient for family parking, where it is possible to have the keys to both cars. It is these two options for simple parking equipment that are used in 90% of cases today in order to get two parking spaces instead of one.

Simple Parking system operation is available to almost any user and does not require specific knowledge in the field of handling car lifting equipment and is reduced to two or three actions (depending on the modification of the operation panel used):

1) insert the key into the lock slot;

2) turn it around the axis;

3) hold until the parking platform with the vehicle is fully raised or lowered.


The operation box is located at the front of the car lift, on a building pillar or on a metal support, so as not to obstruct the movement of vehicles or pedestrians.

The presence of an individual key on the control box prevents any unauthorized use of the vehicle lift.



It can also be an option with pressing the up / down buttons, or a remote control of the parking lift, but no further than 5-10 meters from the parking system. Parking spaces with application

You can often find tilting parking lift for low ceilings on the new real estate market, where, along with manege-type places, developers and builders offer to purchase alternative options for parking spaces - a place with a parking lift. And this can be very beneficial for both the developer and the buyer, because the use of a parking lift significantly reduces the cost of a second place, when compared with the purchase of a second parking space *) placement in relation to the buyer, and provides more parking spaces in the garage - in relation to the developer.

Safety first

Hydraulic, mechanical and electrical safety aspects ensure stable operation and safety of the parking process with tilting parking lifts.

The hydraulic relief system is a valve mounted on the cylinder at the point where the hose connections are made. These valves prevent both the instantaneous release of hydraulic oil and the consequent sudden lowering of the lifting platform in the event of a hose rupture.


As a mechanical protection, special locks are used, which are triggered when the platform is raised slightly above the upper safety brackets, and also prevent its accidental lowering, blocking the operation of the mechanisms.


The electrical safety system ensures the operation of the mechanisms only when the control key is held in the turned position (the system remains energized). But when the key is released (loss of control of the driver's control process), the key returns to its original position automatically - to the off position. The control unit is also equipped with a dedicated button for emergency use.


Indoor Car Parking lifts are an optimal proposal for doubling commercial parking spaces in underground (multi-level) parking lots near hotels, business centers, car dealerships, residential complexes, in other public buildings, reconstruction of previously built parking lots with low (from 2700 mm) ceilings.


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