The first phase of construction of Jianqiao Public Parking lot in Dadukou District of Chongqing City has been officially commissioned.

Apr 29th, 2021

After preliminary trial operation, the first phase of Jianqiao Public Parking in Dadukou District was officially commissioned on April 26. The first phase could provide 340 parking spaces, making parking at Dadukou Wanda Plaza, Jianqiao more convenient for residents. Industrial Park and Jianqiao Station of Railway Line 2.

Jianqiao Public Parking is located between Dadukou Wanda Plaza and Jianqiao Rail Line 2, which is a major municipal livelihood project. The total planning area of the parking lot is 12974.15 sq. M, which can accommodate 530 parking spaces.

It is assumed that the first stage of the parking lot will be self-propelled, with 340 parking spaces and about 1000 square meters of convenient space for the provision of related travel-related services to the public. All of them are currently in operation; Phase II mechanical, with an additional 190 parking spaces.

The operator in charge stated that many new technologies have been introduced in the parking lot to make it smarter and more humane. For example, through the parking of small programs, online booking of parking spaces, save a lot of hassle; The parking lot is not serviced, if a malfunction occurs, it can be repaired in time via the cloud platform; Barrier-free design, dedicated parking spaces and facilities for the disabled.

According to the operator, the smart charging station is planned to be built in a vacant space near the Jianqiao public parking lot, which will be able to provide charging services for several electric vehicles at the same time. Currently, the corresponding preliminary work is underway.

It is also assumed that the project of the second phase of the public parking (mechanical parking space) will be built and put into operation on time, in accordance with the demand.


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