The Way Of Parking Using A Scissor Car Lift

Apr 26th, 2021

With the development of technology and with an increase in the number of cars on the roads of our country, the question of the use of equipment that lifts and lowers a vehicle in a small confined space has arisen. Car lifts and lifts have become indispensable in this situation. This design is suitable for installation in automotive services, as well as in dealerships selling vehicles, which our client took advantage of.


This article from the experience of our customer from France, a Porsche car dealer, shows how one car lift can improve your parking space and expand your vehicle storage options.

When are car lifts used?

Moving vehicles to the upper levels in multi-level garages, parking lots, service centers and auto-dealer centers requires the use of special equipment (with a limited possibility of building ramps to the underground garage). Such a technique is car elevators, which solve the problems of car parking - more and more relevant for residents not only of megalopolises, but also of small towns.

With the help of a car lift in a shopping center/in car dealership, you can place cars in sales or exhibition halls, as well as on any of the floors as part of advertising and promotions.

Car lifts, lifting platforms, cargo lifts today are not a luxury at all, but a technically competent solution that saves space, time and money.


The most reliable solution for moving automotive equipment is considered to be a hydraulically driven lift, it is the safest and has a long service life.

The way of parking using a car lift

The case when deciding to make a purchase, value comes first. Very often, without the use of such equipment, it is not possible to provide entry / access to the garage.

Car elevator is used to vertically transport vehicle from one floor to another floor. The objective is to reduce the driveway occupation to increase the number of vehicles that can be parked. Especially for the expensive land, car elevators could reduce overall costs because less land is required to park the same number of cars.


Ease replacement of car elevator

Our goods elevators used in parking lots or car dealerships etc. can be both mobile and stationary. 

So, for stationary elevators, a pit is required for installation. Mobile elevators, on the other hand, do not require a pit, while for the convenience of a car driving onto the elevator platform, it is equipped with ramps.

Super precise positioning

One another important factors in a high-quality car elevator is stopping accuracy, since stopping accuracy at a car elevator is much more important than that of a passenger one. If the inaccurate stopping of the passenger elevator does not bring great difficulties for the exit of passengers, then for the exit of the car, even a small difference in the levels of the floor of the elevator and the floor of the storey can significantly complicate the entry into or exit from the cabin. 


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