Nov 24th, 2022

As urban private vehicles increase, lead to urban parking unprecedented tight parking lot parking access process complex inefficient vehicles, stereoscopic parking has become a trend Existing three-dimensional parking structure with complex and more for parking garage, needs of personnel management, especially the street stereoscopic parking scheme is less, there are large energy consumption Car take take longer Interfere with the defects such as transportation Therefore, the emergence of a convenient and fast new three-dimensional parking scheme with high space utilization rate is of great significance to solve the problems such as the difficulty of parking in the current parking lot and the immature technology of three-dimensional parking garage. Puzzle parking is a new idea to solve this problem.

Here is the content list:

  • The operating principle of puzzle parking

  • The applied range of puzzle parking

  • The advantages of puzzle parking

The operating principle of puzzle parking

This type of entrance is on the bottom floor. The car plate on the top floor can only be lifted, and the car plate on the bottom floor can only slide. There is space on the bottom floor, so that the car plate can slide, so that the vehicles on the top can drop to the bottom floor for pick-up and the vehicles on the bottom floor can directly drive out. Puzzle parking along the street, which is characterized by: including the foundation of the lower sliding plate, roller, gear wheel, rack connecting rod, pulley a, electric machine A, pulley B, motor B, screw, upper slide plate, slide, diamond driving structure, hydraulic device, connecting rod fixed end.

The applied range of puzzle parking

Puzzle parking is available for PSH two level jigsaw parking lifts, hydraulic power unit automatic lifts as well as vehicle parking solutions.

(1) The equipment can provide a variety of different parking options according to the specific terrain conditions.
(2) the same area can increase twice the parking space.
(3) the equipment is simple and reliable, the transmission system run smoothly and quietly, energy saving and environmental protection.
(4) suitable for hotels, private residences, enterprises and institutions basement, etc.

The advantages of puzzle parking

In modern times, the car travel almost every household has become the necessary tools, with more cars on the road, parking problem is more and more serious, in order to solve the parking problem, reduce the traffic jam problem and reduce the number of traffic accidents, we have been exploring a more scientific and reasonable method of parking construction more convenient parking places. Puzzle Parking is a more scientific and reasonable parking method established after comprehensive analysis of various factors in recent years. Especially in big cities, it plays a crucial role in optimizing parking space and making full use of the valuable land resources in big cities. Puzzle Parking has been welcomed as a way to ease parking anxiety. In my opinion, puzzle parking will make even greater breakthroughs in the future, appear in the public view in a more complete way, and become a vital part of the whole city construction. We expect it to play an even more important role.


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