Nov 29th, 2022

Maintenance and repair of mechanized parking lots

Mechanized parking is a complex mechanism that requires regular maintenance by qualified specialists.

For reliable and long-term operation of mechanized parking, the following is required:

  1. Carry out commissioning.

  2. Train/instruct users.

  3. Perform regular maintenance.

  4. Perform regular cleaning of parking lots and structures.

  5. Perform major repairs in a timely manner.

  6. To carry out modernization of equipment taking into account changing operating conditions.

  7. To form the required amount of spare parts and accessories (spare parts and accessories) for prompt repair work in case of equipment failure.

  8. Let's take a closer look at each of the above points.

Commissioning of a mechanized parking lot

When putting the equipment into operation, a number of activities must be performed without fail:

  1. Cleaning the structure, equipment elements from construction dust.

  2. Inspection of building structures.

  3. Carrying out the first maintenance.

  4. Checking / debugging equipment in operating modes.

Mechanized parking user training

Before transferring the equipment to the user, an important and mandatory item is to familiarize and instruct (under signature) all users of the parking lot. In fact, it is the user who is responsible for compliance with the rules of operation. Overloading, non-compliance with the rules of operation leads to breakdowns and rapid wear of the parking elements.

Regular maintenance of mechanized parking

Depending on the type of automated parking equipment, a regulation is drawn up that determines the regularity and scope of work performed during the next maintenance. According to the regularity, maintenance is divided into:

  • Weekly Inspection

  • Monthly maintenance

  • Semi-annual maintenance

  • Annual maintenance

Usually, the scope of work and the required regularity of maintenance are prescribed in the operation manual for mechanized parking.

Regular cleaning of parking lots and mechanized parking structures

In a mechanized parking lot, as a rule, there are a lot of metal structures coated with powder paint or galvanized. However, during operation, for example, due to high humidity or the presence of stagnant water, structures may be susceptible to corrosion. For this, the operation manual provides for regular (at least once a year) inspection of structures for corrosion, cleaning and restoration of the coating at the installation site of the structures. There is also an optional option when ordering equipment to use stainless steel or special protective coatings. However, these options significantly increase the cost of the design (and, as a rule, are not included in the scope of supply).

Therefore, it is recommended to carry out regular cleaning of both the parking structures themselves and the parking premises in order to reduce the impact from water, high humidity and chemicals used on city roads. And take appropriate measures to restore coverage.

Capital repairs of mechanized parking

For the uninterrupted operation of mechanized parking equipment, it is necessary to carry out scheduled overhauls to replace or restore wear parts of parking equipment. This work should only be carried out by qualified personnel.

Modernization of mechanized parking equipment

Over time, mechanized parking equipment elements may become morally obsolete and do not meet the new requirements for automated parking equipment. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade. As part of the modernization, both structural elements and mechanical components of the parking lot, as well as the parking management system, can be improved.


All of the above activities are important for the successful and safe operation of mechanized parking equipment. It is important to conscientiously fulfill the requirements of the operation manual and the rules of use of both the operating organization and the service organization and the users of mechanized parking themselves.


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