Parking with "brain" or an automated control system for robotic parking

Dec 4th, 2022

Parking with "brains" or an automated control system for robotic parking

The robotic / mechanized parking control system occupies a key place in the equipment set and is responsible for the complete automation of the process with the possibility of remote connection, in fact it is the “brain” of parking.

Mutrade performs a full cycle of work on the development of automated control systems for robotic parking from design to commissioning. The complexity and functionality of the parking management system is determined by the type of equipment and the tasks that need to be implemented.

APS control system2 APS control system

The development of a parking management system is a complex and lengthy process that requires the involvement of our highly qualified specialists and outstanding competencies in the field of automation. The development process consists of the following steps:

  1. Development of technical specifications for the automation of the parking system.

  2. Development of a technical project for an intelligent parking system.

  3. Development of a working draft of automatic parking.

  4. Development of software for controllers and control panels.

  5. Development of instructions, user manuals based on the results of commissioning.

Completion and production

According to the developed project, a complete set of electrical equipment is carried out, from cable products to sensors, controllers, security scanners. Often, the list of components according to the specification exceeds thousands of items. Then comes the assembly of cabinets, control panels. And already in full readiness, the set of electrical equipment is sent for installation at the installation site of the robotic parking.

Installation work

In accordance with the project, mechanized parking equipment is being installed at the construction site.

First, the installation of the main metal structures and mechanical equipment is carried out. Various means of mechanization are used for installation. Further, the electrical installation team carries out the installation of electrical equipment and cable trays, laying and connecting cables.

Commissioning works

After the installation is completed, engineers for automated control systems, together with the service department, begin setting up the parking management system, downloading controller programs and control panels, adjusting sensors, integrating access control and management systems. During commissioning, all modes of parking operation (service, semi-automatic and automatic) are worked out and checked, special attention is paid to the operation of the security system.


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