Dec 16th, 2022

To mechanize or not to mechanize parking?

Let's answer the question: "To mechanize or not to mechanize parking?".

In what cases is it necessary to mechanize parking, install parking lifts or introduce complex robotic systems for parking and storing cars in automatic mode?

Puzzle parking system Mutrade- Egypt

The answer is quite simple!

Mechanical parking is relevant, useful and valuable in two cases:

  • For organizing parking spaces in a limited space

  • To improve the level of comfort and service.

  • There is also another case of using mechanization - "virtual", when mechanized parking lots are used on paper in the project, thereby reducing the volume of construction, but in fact they may not be installed in the planned parking lot. This option of using mechanization is “effective” for reducing the cost of construction.

Generally speaking, the use of mechanized parking will not significantly reduce the total cost of construction, since material costs will be redistributed between the construction and equipment of mechanized parking.

Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what mechanization is used for in parking. Since this is complex technological equipment with special safety requirements during operation. And if the decision is made - to mechanize! Then do it only with a reliable manufacturer of mechanized parking equipment Mutrade.

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