The overview of scissor parking

The overview of scissor parking

Nov 14th, 2022

China's ordinary people can afford a car, but can't afford to stop the car So, did they disorderly parking The Chinese city managers and server to come up with enough money and space to accommodate the growing vehicles, they like to do, and then do nothing So, more and more people go out or come home, always can't find proper parking space; When is the roadside and all the flat land full. Therefore, methods such as scissor parking came into being.


Here is the contents list:

  • The working principle of scissor parking

  • The characteristics of scissor parking

  • The advantages of scissor parking

The working principle of scissor parking

The transmission system adopts hydraulic transmission mode. The hydraulic pump outputs high pressure oil to push the hydraulic cylinder, and drives the loading plate to rise or fall, so as to achieve the purpose of accessing the ground parking space of the vehicle. After the loading plate rises to the position, you can enter or drive out of the vehicle. On the other hand, scissor parking adopts advanced hydraulic transmission system, hydraulic pump output high pressure oil push the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder drives the wire rope, to realize that the floors of load synchronous steady rise or fall, reach the purpose of access to the car parking equipment and parking Spaces for a vehicle the lower unit can be direct access, access to the upper vehicle, will lower the vehicle.

The characteristics of scissor parking

1.European and American standards, 100,000 experiments, quality assurance
2. Small landing area, according to the parking lot of any number of parking
3. Using single stage double oil cylinder lifting, automatic adjustment balance, low noise, stable operation
4. Vehicle platform using hot dip galvanizing or plastic spraying process, beautiful color, durable
5. Side beam bending, with the vehicle can collect water and oil drops;
6. Patent products, American technology, a number of domestic and foreign certification of high-tech products
7. Easy to install, suitable for household 4S store public or underground parking lot, but the height of underground net space should be more than 3.6 meters.

The advantages of scissor parking

(1)Good use of space, easy parking, beautiful appearance, durable, high family utility.

(2)Low noise, energy saving, low carbon environmental protection.

(3)The car carrying board is fully enclosed, which can avoid oil seepage and mud water brought by vehicles in rainy and snowy weather to pollute the vehicles under.

(4)The lift time is short, and the car is quickly picked up, generally within 40 seconds.

(5)The electrical and driving parts are waterproof.

(6)Seiko, simple structure, compact and practical. It can be moved freely, simple installation, short time, no need for welding, cutting, and low requirements for civil engineering.

(7)Can be used as a vehicle lifting platform, can also be hidden installation, occupying a small space.

(8)CE certification.

(9)Suitable for residential area, villa area, underground parking lot, etc.

Scissor parking provides a new way of parking for city life, we are enjoying the convenience of it.


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