Jan 23rd, 2023

With the increasing number of private cars, the number of parking spaces cannot meet people's needs, seriously affecting people's normal lives. Underground parking lift is a lift mainly used for car lifting and transportation. It helps people's vehicles to be transported to underground parking, which greatly facilitates people's transportation life. So, what are the components of underground parking lift?

Here is the content list:

  • Cable lifting system

  • Electrical control system

  • Single cylinder drive hydraulic system

Cable lifting system

The rope hoisting system is composed of three sets of wire rope pulley drives and two sets of sprocket chain drives. One end of each steel wire rope and chain is fixed on one side of the carrier board, the other end of the steel wire rope goes around the upper pulley and the lower pulley successively, and then fixed on the other side of the carrier board, while the other end of the chain goes around the sprocket Fixed on the hydraulic cylinder base. When the hydraulic cylinder is extended, the sprocket will move upwards together with the plunger, which in turn causes the chain and wire rope to generate lifting force, which drives the car board to rise upward.

Electrical control system

The electrical control system of underground parking lift adopts the relay control method, which has strong anti-interference ability and low maintenance technical requirements. The designed circuit has a simple structure, is safe and reliable, and uses self-locking and interlocking control to realize the sequential action of the hydraulic cylinder.

Single cylinder drive hydraulic system

The underground parking lift adopts a single-cylinder drive hydraulic system. The hydraulic cylinder selected is a plunger cylinder, which uses fewer components and a simple system. When descending, in order to prevent the lowering speed, a throttle speed control circuit composed of a one-way throttle valve is used to control the descending speed. In addition, the underground parking lift is equipped with an anti-fall safety device to prevent the oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder from suddenly disappearing or the wire rope chain suddenly breaking, which plays a double protective role for the underground parking lift.

The working form of underground parking lift is vertical lifting operation, which does not have high requirements on the environment of the installation site. Compared with the slope used in the past, the vertical lifting reduces the floor area of the ramp and saves the land cost for the construction of underground parking. Qingdao Mutrade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier specializing in the design, development, production and manufacture of underground parking lift. It has a very professional production technical team and management team. It uses advanced technology to perform precision in the design and production of underground parking lift. Manufacturing and processing. The company pays attention to product quality, produces in strict accordance with national standards, and has a good attitude. It provides high-quality after-sales service, which has made countless customers satisfied. Therefore, Qingdao Mutrade Co., Ltd. is a reliable choice.


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