What is rotary parking?

What is rotary parking?

Oct 24th, 2022

With the rapid increase in private car ownership, vehicle parking has become a problem that plagues people's travel. If there are not enough parking spaces, it is easy to cause too many vehicles parked in disorder on the road, which is not conducive to the smooth flow of traffic. Rotary parking are more and more used because of the advantages of convenient access to vehicles and simple structure. Let's briefly introduce what is rotary parking?

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  • Definition of rotary parking

  • Composition of rotary parking

Definition of rotary parking

The rotary parking has a multi-layer rotating platform, which can place as many vehicles as possible in the effective space, effectively saving space resources. The appearance of rotary parking presents a half-cylindrical shape. The multi-level space allows more vehicles to be placed. The spin-on design is convenient and convenient, making the parking of vehicles more convenient and reasonable. Rotary parking is composed of a parking platform and a runway. The runway and the parking platform are combined, and the parking of vehicles is flexible and fast.=

Composition of rotary parking

Rotary parking includes a parking area, a parking area and a base frame, as well as a user operation area and its attached circuit system. The parking area is installed and fixed between two base supports, and the parking area is in contact with the parking area. The parking space area is composed of a suspended parking space, a fixed roulette, a fixed shaft I and a fixed shaft II. The suspended parking space is installed and fixed between the fixed roulettes, and the power is provided by a motor. The part of the present invention is fixed underground, so that the parking and taking operations are both On the ground, there is no need to drive a car into the air, ensuring safety. The movement is mostly rolling and gear transmission, with low resistance and strong abrasion resistance. Rotary parking makes full use of space, has a simple structure, is safe and convenient to use. When parking and picking up the car, it only needs to be realized by pressing the button at a fixed position. The parking and picking area can be rotated to adjust the direction of the car on it, eliminating the operation of reversing and storing, saving time. Simplify the parking process.

The rotary parking can be set on the ground or underground, with a small footprint, simple and easy operation, and high space utilization. It maximizes the number of parking spaces and alleviates the problem of parking difficulties. Qingdao Mutrade Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, production and sales of rotary parking. The products produced are of reasonable structure, beautiful and fashionable, and of high quality. The company upholds the attitude of honest management, provides high-quality services and high-quality products, has long been trusted and sought after by customers, and has a good reputation in the industry. Therefore, if you want to buy high-quality and affordable rotary parkingQingdao Mutrade Co., Ltd. is an ideal choice.


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