The development of puzzle parking

The development of puzzle parking

Oct 28th, 2022

Puzzle Parking has undergone great changes in recent years. According to its own shortcomings, it has made corresponding adjustments and presented new organizational methods and characteristics. We will discuss and study this topic below.

Here is the content list:

  • The overview of mobile puzzle parking

  • The purpose of inventing the mobile puzzle parking

  • The details that we can know about puzzle parking

The overview of mobile puzzle parking

Mobile puzzle parking along the street without interference stereo parking space, mainly by the foundation of the lower sliding plate gear drive wheel with rack column connecting rod pulley a motor a pulley b motor B screw upper slide and the diamond driving structure of the diamond driving structure is arranged on the connecting rod Hydraulic device, the fixed end of the rhombus driving structure is fixedly connected with the foundation, the other end away from the hydraulic device is fixedly connected with the lower sliding plate. The electric machine on the upper sliding plate drive the driving wheel and gear wheel to rotate, and the gear meshed with the rack on the column to drive the upper sliding plate to move up and down; The motor B on the connecting rod drives the belt pulley B and the screw to rotate, and the upper sliding plate forms a self-lock with the screw after the upper sliding plate stops moving, so as to fix the upper sliding plate. The invention can be used for both large vertical parking garage and street, and has the advantages of high adaptability, convenient, fast and convenient space utilization rate, no interference, high efficiency and less energy consumption.

The purpose of inventing the mobile puzzle parking

In view of the deficiency of the existing technology, it provides a kind of mobile layout along the street without interference vertical parking space, which can be used for large three-dimensional parking garage and can be placed on the street. It has the advantages of adaptability, high energy consumption, low utilization rate, high convenience and fast, which is of great significance to save land resources, increase parking space and reduce the urban parking pressure.

The details that we can know about puzzle parking

The device has a plate for each parking space, which rises, falls and slides to the ground, and then the driver enters the garage, parks or picks up the car, and completes the whole process. It can be easily rebuilt in another place without civil engineering. Using a reliable mechanism, the user can manually operate if the power is suddenly cut off in the process of operation, you can manually operate it to continue to work, to ensure that the vehicle will not stop unsafe, safety is guaranteed. The mobile puzzle parking is in use, save car take all process is in the foundation of three traditional parking lot size for the bottom of the cube space, without any mechanical equipment beyond this space, save the car take car process does not affect other vehicles on the road And even large vehicles driving, so will not produce any interference to road traffic, with the traditional street parking convenience.


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