Jan 2nd, 2023

With the increasing number of private cars, the management of private cars becomes more and more difficult. Smart parking lift is the result of intelligence and it plays an important role in managing vehicles. So, let me briefly introduce what smart parking lift is?

Here is the content list:

  • Definition of smart parking lift

  • Features of smart parking lift

smart parking lift

Definition of smart parking lift

Smart parking lift is a parking lift that integrates equipment, operation, safety, monitoring, maintenance, and management. It is also extremely convenient to operate and use, and has an intelligent management and charging system. Smart parking is mainly composed of a smart identification card reader, a rotating mechanism, a telescopic mechanism, and a lifting mechanism, and is controlled by the Fischer Smart Interface Board. The smart parking lift management system combines advanced smart IC card recognition technology with high-speed video image storage and comparison. Through computer image processing and automatic recognition, it can comprehensively manage the charging, security, and parking guidance of vehicles in and out of the parking lot.

Features of smart parking lift

First of all, the smart parking lift management system has many advantages. For example, the system has stable structure performance, fast transmission speed, and can accurately distinguish self-owned vehicles, foreign vehicles and special vehicles. The system collects parking fees and other related fees in a timely manner to increase revenue. At the same time, it can also prevent incidents of refusal to pay parking fees and the occurrence of fraud and arbitrary charges by toll personnel. Smart parking lift has three main functions. The first is the remote control function. The manager can remotely control all actions of the smart parking lift itself through computer software. For special reasons, if the system cannot operate normally and automatically, they can manually assign empty parking spaces to the parking card and retrieve the car. You can also manually control the garage to take out the car according to the parking space information in the card displayed by the computer. The second is the parking space guidance function of the garage. When the owner enters and stores the car, the smart parking lift management system will guide the route of the garage parking space through the electronic display. When the owner forgets the garage location or number where the car is parked, it can be in any Read the card on the control machine or garage card reader, and the system will voice prompt the owner's garage number and location. The third is the parking space information query function. In the smart parking lift management system software, the parking status of all parking spaces in the garage and vehicle information can be displayed in real time, and it can also be inquired about the parking and pick-up of a certain owner in a certain period of time. Record and generate reports.

In cities, the available space is limited, and the number of new cars on the road is increasing every year, making it more and more difficult to allocate parking spaces for vehicles.

The smart parking lift produced by Qingdao Mutrade Co., Ltd. makes full use of space to park the largest number of cars. By maximizing the use of vertical and horizontal space, drivers can significantly increase the number of parking spaces in a limited space.


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