Dec 30th, 2022

We all know that with the development of technology, life is becoming more and more intelligent and convenient. The same is true for smart parking lift, which makes storing and retrieving cars more intelligent and convenient, while also increasing parking spaces. So, what are the workflows of smart parking lift?

Here is the content list:

  • Fixed user storage

  • Temporary user storage

  • Pick up the car

 smart parking lift

Fixed user storage

A fixed user comes to store the car. When entering the parking lot, the owner of the car with the card, the expiration card or the rechargeable card will pass the IC card in the card reading area of the ground entrance control machine after the vehicle is detected by the vehicle detector, and the card reader will read it. The card and judge the validity of the card, and the camera records the image of the car. For a valid IC card, the smart parking lift management system will reasonably allocate garages and vacant parking spaces according to the vehicle information in the card, including the model and size, and voice And the Chinese and English display screen prompts the owner. The gate lever of the automatic barrier is raised and released and the corresponding data is stored in the database. The parking guidance screen lights up, instructing the car owner to go to the corresponding underground garage. The smart parking lift moves up and down to the plane according to the situation, and then the owner drives the car in. After completion, read the card on the card reader next to the garage to confirm that the car has been parked in the previously allocated empty position, and then the owner leaves the garage.

Temporary user storage

If the temporary user’s car is temporarily parked, the car owner must press the card retrieval button on the ground entrance control machine. The entrance administrator manually judges the type of the incoming car, and enters the license plate number and car type into the computer through the computer keyboard and writes it into the waiting machine. Among the temporary cards issued, the smart parking lift management system will automatically and reasonably allocate garages and parking spaces to this card according to the size of the vehicle, and the entrance control machine will send out the card after completion. After the car owner takes the card, it is generally parked temporarily with the fixed user.

Pick up the car

When picking up the car, the owner reads the card on any garage card reader, and the card reader immediately prompts the owner of the garage number where the car is parked, and the owner goes to the designated garage. The smart parking lift moves up and down to the plane according to the position of the car. Then the car owner will read the card on the exit control machine after driving to the exit, and the system will automatically charge the fee. If it is a temporary car, the card will be handed over to the exit manager to read the card for payment. After the camera takes a photo, the computer calls out the photos when entering the venue for image comparison, and the administrator confirms that it is correct and releases the gate.

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