Dec 29th, 2022

The problem with parking around the world is only getting worse every year, at the same time, modern solutions to this problem are becoming more and more relevant. Today we will deal with the main issues that are encountered when solving a problem with the help of mechanized parking equipment.

— What does Mutrade do?

— Mutrade is a Chinese developer and manufacturer of mechanical parking lots. In our assortment we have mechanical compact, puzzle, tower, rack, robotic parking lots. In addition to mechanical car parks, we offer solutions for multi-level car parks from a metal frame, as well as flat car parks and solutions for their automation.

— What is mechanized parking?

—These are multi-level parking lots with a mechanism that moves parking platforms between levels. It should be noted that this is a very modern solution; in the construction of such objects, interesting design solutions can be used, including for arranging external facades. As the name implies, these structures are cost effective compared to traditional parking lots or concrete multi-level parking lots.

— Can such multi-level parking systems be used not only as free-standing structures?

— That's right. They can be used as extensions, stand-alone buildings or installed inside any buildings and structures: car depots, office parking lots, car dealerships, sports complex parking lots, aircraft hangars, and so on. The range of application is very wide. I would like to note that such parking equipment is being built very quickly, since elements of high factory readiness are already delivered to the client, they only need to be mounted on the site. We only produce the metal structure and the electromechanical system for moving and parking cars, and we recommend that customers purchase the facade and all related accessories locally.

— How does Mutrade differ from other companies, which are now quite numerous on the Internet, which, for example, sell various parking equipment?

— We are not only in sales, Mutrade develops, designs and manufactures our own high-tech parking equipment according to the specific requirements of our customers for projects around the world. We carry out design work, engineering, development of control systems.

— How do you work with the customer from the moment the inquiry received?

— Usually a customer comes to us with a ready-made idea. Or at least with the necessity caused by the lack of parking spaces. At the first stage, we find out the location, the size of the parking lot, possible restrictions, and so on. After that, we study the possibility of building a parking lot in the specified place, taking into account the restrictions and wishes of the customer, and issue the first so-called “layout drawing”. This is a kind of "concept" of the future parking. Often the customer comes with one idea, but in the end something completely different is obtained, but we convey everything to the customer in a reasonable manner and the final decision remains with him. After agreeing on the "concept", we prepare a technical and commercial proposal, which reflects the commercial part, terms of delivery, and so on. After that comes the stage of contracting and execution of the terms of the contract. Depending on the contract, there may be different stages from the development and design of equipment according to customer requests to manufacture and delivery. In addition, even after the execution of the contract, we monitor all our facilities and fulfill warranty obligations.

— What parking system do is considered the most versatile at the moment?

— This question does not have a clear answer, since each country and each city has its own conditions (climatic, seismological, road, legal, etc.) that must be taken into account when choosing parking equipment.

At the moment, the simplest way to increase the number of parking spaces are compact parking lots, that is, parking lifts. This is equipment that allows two cars to be parked on the area for one parking place by lifting one car on a platform to a height of about two meters, a second car drives under this platform. This is a dependent storage method, that is, you cannot remove the upper car without driving the lower one away. Therefore, this is usually a “family” way of storing cars, but, by the way, not only cars, it can be a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, and so on.

— Some may wonder why your parking lift is better than car lifts for car service and which are cheaper?

Such car service lifts do not provide for civilian use, they do not have permits for use as car parking. They also do not have a platform, it is extremely inconvenient to drive on them and park. There is no security system in the form of sensors that protect against emergencies. Not to mention that all possible dirt from the "upper" machine will simply drain onto the lower one if there is no platform. All these points, of course, are taken into account in the compact parking lots of Mutrade.

— Who is currently the main buyer of parking lifts?

— First of all, urban developers. Parking solutions using mechanical parking equipment are now being actively incorporated by developers into underground parking projects. So, thanks to the installation of a lift on a parking space in an underground parking, instead of one parking space, two are obtained. This, of course, requires sufficient ceiling height. This solution is very popular and economically justified, as it allows to reduce construction volumes. Today, the trend is such that every year more and more developers purchase equipment to provide the required number of parking spaces in the parking lot.


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