Dec 23rd, 2022

Due to the rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of people's consumption levels, more and more people tend to buy cars as a travel tool. However, the relative shortage of parking spaces has become a huge problem. The emergence of underground parking lift solves this problem well. So, let me briefly introduce what is underground parking lift?

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  • Definition of underground parking lift

  • Features of underground parking lift

underground parking lift

Definition of underground parking lift

Underground parking lift is a kind of parking lot elevator which is upgraded on the basis of hydraulic elevator freight elevator. The underground parking lift machine, as its name implies, is a parking lift focusing on car lifting and transportation work. This parking lift is widely used in 4S shops, communities, shopping malls, hospitals and other large-scale parking lots. Underground parking lift belongs to the parking lift that relies on hydraulic pressure as its driving force. The working form of underground parking lift is that the vertical lifting operation does not require high environmental requirements on the installation site. Compared with the slope used in the past, the vertical lifting reduces the land occupation rate. The foundation construction of underground parking lift and the later maintenance have become more economical and practical. . Generally, underground parking, if the area is not very large, in order to save the space of the ramp to the basement, a good way is to design a parking lift platform. The parking lift platform is when people and vehicles drive into the hydraulic lifting platform at the same time. When they descend into the underground parking building, people and vehicles drive out of the lifting platform at the same time and reach underground parking directly. It is also possible to design the use of parking lots on the second to third floors above the ground.

Features of underground parking lift

First of all, underground parking lift makes the land utilization rate high, so that the space that can only park one car can park several cars. Secondly, its structure is simple and reliable, the operation is very convenient, and the installation is also very fast. In addition, the underground parking lift has a beautiful and stylish appearance, without obstruction, and can be integrated with the building. Then, underground parking lift is generally suitable for outdoor installations near buildings, and can be used for home or office parking lots. Last but not least, the underground parking lift adopts a dual-cylinder lifting system, which is more stable.

There are more and more private cars in cities, but parking spaces cannot be increased due to restrictions on floor space. Therefore, underground parking lift is an important solution for people's large demand for parking spaces. Qingdao Mutrade Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of mechanical parking equipment integrating design, research, production and marketing. The company has established a good corporate image for a long time, and is favored by customers with high-quality products and considerate and enthusiastic service attitude.


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