World Architecture Trend: Cars In Apartment

Jun 8th, 2021

There are people who cannot part with their car, especially when there are several of them.

A car is not only a luxury and a means of transportation, but also a piece of home furnishings.

In the world architectural practice, the trend of combining living space - apartments - with garages is gaining popularity. Increasingly, architects are designing cargo lifts in high-rise residential complexes for lifting cars to apartments and penthouses.

First of all, this concerns expensive housing and expensive cars. Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini owners park their cars in living rooms and on balconies. They love to look at their sports cars every minute.

Increasingly, modern apartments are equipped with freight elevators for lifting cars. So, in the project for our Vietnamese client, the apartment was divided into residential and garage zones, where you can park from two to 5 cars. A scissor car lift SVRC designed by Mutrade was installed in the garage area.

The elevator entrance is on the ground floor level. Having entered the platform, the motor vehicle is turned off, then the car is lowered into the underground level of the apartment using the S-VRC scissor lift. Departure from the apartment is carried out in the same way in the reverse order.

The use of this type of parking equipment is advisable in the case of transporting a car within one floor, for example, for underground parking in a country house.

The large safety factor of the construction of the scissor lift for parking allows you to flexibly configure the technical parameters of the lifting mechanism, changing the platform dimensions, lifting height and lifting capacity.

The optional roof lift options offered by Mutrade allow optimal use of platform space and ensure structural stability even when a second vehicle is parked on top.In this case, the upper platform can be used either simply as a roof covering the hole formed above the elevator, or for parking another vehicle.


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