Reporting Investigation of the 50-Day Intelligent Parking Lot in Dezhou

May 20th, 2021

From March 22, 2021, smart parking will be installed on Masha Street, Leaming Street, Taiping Street, Shopping Street and Sanba Street. Currently, "smart parking" in Texas has been in operation for over 50 days. The reporter recently visited a smart parking lot near Sanba Road in Decheng District to understand the real experience of all parties.

Reporter experience: Convenient parking with a mobile phone.

TThe reporter opens the "Dehui Parking" program, which can see information about nearby parking spaces, charging stations and other information. After selecting an empty parking space, press the navigation button and then drive to the free parking space on the side of the road to stop. At the same time, the smart indicator next to the parking space changes color from green to red, indicating that the parking space is occupied.

Near the middle road of Sanba and Xinhu Streets, reporters saw that whether it was a weekend or a work day, the “smart parking space” in the north of the road was mostly full, and there were still a few free parking spaces opposite the road. However, the smart parking lot near the Experimental High School on Route 38 is relatively uninhabited, and only one or two cars are parked in the smart parking lot in the adjacent section.

It turns out that the People's Hospital is located in the center of the intersection of Sanba and Xinhu Streets, so the traffic flow is large, and people who go to the doctor usually park for a long time. In addition, there are government offices and residential areas nearby, and the commercial buildings surrounding them are thriving, with many shops bringing in a huge passenger traffic, while at the same time the vehicle becomes more difficult to drive. Compared to the experimental high school site at 38 Middle Road, there are more students and more vehicles to collect students, so parking spaces are relatively deserted.

Users praise: short-term parking is convenient and economical.

Most car owners are faced with smart parking for the first time and do not know how to pay for it. For example, the case of Mr. Cheng, a car owner who came to the people's hospital. Seeing the “payment guide” at the end of the road, he scanned the code with his mobile phone to enter the license plate and other information, and saw the details of charging his car. "It's not expensive. And just. At least it's convenient to park, ”he said.

Previously, the parking lot here was full. If you wanted to stop, you had to take a few turns around to find a parking space. If you need to park now, at least one parking space may be empty and the cost of payment will be minimal. However, if there is a delay, it is a little unprofitable. "30 RMB a day is quite expensive." Ms. Wang, a car owner who stopped at the side of the road to pick up the children, told reporters.

“Smart parking actually provides convenience for our sellers. Previously, when traffic police came to check and saw illegal parking on the side of the road, they asked us. Customers who came to the store for consumption should pay attention to the traffic rules. “Now that they have designated parking spaces, they can stop safely,” said Mr. Gao, owner of a clothing store on Sanba Road. But on the other hand, as a clothing store operator, Mr. Gao believes that free parking for 20 minutes is a little less than necessary. He hopes to increase the free parking time, while at the same time the accumulated fees can be adjusted accordingly.

A restaurant owner next to a clothing store said, “Smart parking has eliminated some of the randomly parked zombie cars. It significantly reduced the phenomenon of “difficult parking” in front of the store. It has also become more convenient for people who come to our store for dinner. ”Ms. Zhang, a trader, told reporters that if shoppers usually go to the store for dinner, they will be reminded that parking is free for 20 minutes and not they have to worry about getting their car scratched, getting stuck when the car stops on the side of the road, which is very good.

The project manager said, "Smart Parking" is about making parking spaces turn around.

During the interview, the reporter learned that there are 498 “smart parking spaces” on road 38. The data shows that in the past, the turnover of parking spaces was less than once a day. Since the introduction of smart parking, the turnover of parking spaces can reach more than four times, and the percentage of idle parking spaces has increased from 3.7% to 40%, and the frequency of re-use of parking spaces has increased significantly. 

The purpose of creating these parking spaces is to allow public parking resources to truly flow, so that car owners who do have demand have a parking space, and to avoid the phenomenon of prolonged private use of public parking spaces. parking is a management measure aimed at increasing the utilization rate and turnover of parking spaces. Zhang Wei, CEO of Dezhou static Transportation Co., Ltd., told the reporter, “As we all know, it was very difficult to park near the people's hospital in the past. Invisible charging “strip” so that public parking resources can actually be transferred.

It is assumed that Dezhou static Transportation Co., Ltd. will focus on transforming the informatization of public parking spaces, as well as road and roadside parking spaces, in line with the idea of building “one network, one platform” for urban parking management, with the creation of a civilized city as a common starting point and introduce intelligent management.

In the next step, static Transportation Co., Ltd. will gradually transfer parking resources such as public parking and underground spaces in residential areas to an intelligent parking management platform for unified management, in order to realize a true "open network platform", make efficient use of parking resources, and strive to provide better parking services for population.


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