Common Myths About Car Parking Lifts

Nov 12th, 2021

We live in a time when cutting edge technology is applied in every industry. Whether it is mechanical engineering or the production of small equipment, the manufacture of clothing or even food - the latest technologies are used in all areas. In addition, modern society cannot be imagined without a huge number of cars. Each person seeks to acquire a four-wheeled friend, because it saves time, and convenience, and independence from public transport. Due to the increase in the number of cars, especially in large cities, there is a problem with their placement, that is, parking. And here the very innovative technologies come to the rescue, in particular, multi-level parking lots and car lifts, which allow placing more cars in the same areas. However, some car owners are afraid to use car lifts, as they are worried about the safety of their cars. To get rid of worries, it is best to understand the system of car lifts.


If you are planning to purchase a parking lift for your parking space, you will in any case ask questions about the safety of using parking equipment, about personal safety and the safety of cars.


It must be said that different manufacturers, with a seemingly similarity of parking lifts, offer qualitatively different levels of safety for the produced parking equipment and for the safety of the process of parking a car on a parking platform.

Let's take a deeper look at two myths about lift safety!

1. Myth №1. The platform may break under the weight of the vehicle. Parking should only be done backwards, otherwise the platform will break or the vehicle will fall off the platform. 

Metal-consuming structures of parking lifts. Mutrade uses thicker metal for their parking lifts. The rigidity of the structure is also achieved due to reinforcements and additional support beams, which do not allow the metal structure of the parking lift to bend or change its original shape, and also eliminates the fracture of the parking platform. And the elongated support parts (legs), having a wider area of contact with the floor surface, provide stability and additional reliability. Therefore, it does not matter for our lifts how you place the car on the parking platform - whether you drive backwards or in front of it. Initially, the fastening of the parking platform to the vertical posts and the lifting mechanism is provided in such a way that in the first and second cases the load is evenly distributed over the structure of the parking lift, the fastening of the parking platform to the lifting mechanism is more reliable and has an increased contact area with the lifting mechanism. With all this, as a margin of safety, our parking lifts are quite significant.

1. Myth № 2. The vehicle may roll and fall down from the parking lift platform.
No, under normal conditions and correct operation of the lift in accordance with the user manual, the car cannot fall from the platform of the car lift, and in case f an overload, short circuit or other emergency, the protection will block the lift and completely cut off the power.
Mechanical devices turn off the system when the platform reaches the extreme upper and lower positions, hold it in the event of a break in the hydraulic hoses, and do not allow the car to fall arbitrarily.
The control panel is usually taken out of the working area, in a place convenient for visual control. Photocells will not allow a person to freely enter the lift circuit - an alarm and blocking will be triggered. The emergency stop button will stop the movement of the platform at any time.


Yes, some manufacturers' parking lift platforms are tilted, which can really cause unpleasant consequences. But the design of the parking lifts developed by Mutrade has an absolutely horizontal platform parallel to the ground, which categorically excludes the car's slope and fall from the platform downwards. The system is always in balance, even while driving, the chain synchronization system will not allow the platform to deviate from the starting position, regardless of whether the vehicle is parked or not.


Above, we have discussed two of the most common fears. In the lifts of Mutrad, such situations are excluded.

As you can see, our parking lifts allow you not to make a choice between convenience and safety. By installing a car lift manufactured by Mutrade, you will provide yourself with a comfortable parking and at the same time you can be completely confident in the reliability of the structure.


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