Two-Level Scissor-Type Parking Lift - Fully Collapsible Parking Lift

Dec 8th, 2021

Parking lift HP-5120 - designed for parking cars in two levels. The best option for parking cars both in garages of residential buildings and office buildings, and in open areas.

Platform movements are carried out by means of hydraulic cylinders fixed on vertical scissors  posts. The platform in the upper position is fixed with mechanical locks that prevent the platform from spontaneous lowering from the upper position. The mechanical platform safety locks are released by an electromagnet, which is automatically controlled.

The simplicity of installation and control of the HP-5120 parking lift, as well as its reliability, make it indispensable if you want to get an extra parking space as simply as possible. The simple assembly process, compact layout and extremely simple operation with key / buttons or remote control key fob (optional) make the HP 5120 Parking Lift accessible to all user groups.

The scissor parking lift has important competitive advantage in overall dimensions (one of the smallest designs), which allows it to be used in areas and rooms with cramped conditions (for example, it is easy to integrate 3 units into standard parking lots with column spacing up to 7.5 meters).

The mechanism is equipped with two Italian-made hydraulic cylinders, recognized world market leaders in parking equipment.

Stable horizontal platform and a powerful hydraulic scissor lift mechanism are convenient, reliable and unpretentious in operation.

The car of the lower level is parked directly on the concrete base and it must be driven away to free up a parking space for raising / lowering the platform with the car of the upper level.

The absence of support racks allows you to store and maintain the lift compactly, which allows you not to disturb the visualization of the space and integrate it into various projects without disturbing the aesthetic appearance.

Each lift has a separate power supply unit, autonomous electrical system and control system.

The lower beams of the lift must be anchored to the concrete base. These pairing hoists have low requirements for the mounting surface.


Application area

An effective solution for doubling parking spaces in underground (multi-storey) parking lots, in parking lots near business centers, car dealerships, etc. Some inconvenience of a dependent type of parking is minimal if the lift is used by the owner of several cars, members of the same family, office employees, etc. Ease of installation, the ability to quickly dismantle and transfer the lift to a new location.



Operation and safety

The lift is operated by an individual key from the control panel. The user, by turning the key, starts the actuator of the hydraulic station drive. The platform is lifted up until the height limit switch is triggered. Turning the key back, the starter is triggered and the hydraulic valve is switched to the opposite position, the platform is lowered down until it stops on the base beams. During the movement of the platform, a light and sound signal works.

There is also an emergency stop button on the control panel. Platform movement should be carried out only with the vehicle engine off. The driver is not allowed to stand on or under the platform while raising and lowering the vehicle.


Support scissors posts

The steel used in the production of support legs, 6 mm thick, provides the HP 5120 scissor lift with a double safety factor. The fastening of the support posts to the floor surface is carried out with 16 anchor bolts M12 * 150, which completely eliminates the displacement or swinging of the posts or the lift. Continuous welding of the seams of the structure also provides the required degree of rigidity and reliability of fastening the parts of the lift. The surface treatment of the posts using the powder coating technology consists in electrostatic spraying of a paint suspension on the metal, which, evenly sitting on the metal surface, in addition to the painting itself, makes the metal protection resistant to various aggressive environments (gasoline, oils, reagents) and mechanical stress.


Parking platform

The working surface of the parking platform is made in the form of numerous waving pallets, which provides surface rigidity and sufficient resistance to loads, preventing the overall pallet canvas from sagging and deforming. To protect against aggressive environments during operation, the pallet is treated with hot-dip galvanizing, which significantly increases both the degree of protection and the service life of the platform's surface.


Synchronization system

The synchronization system of the parking platform lifting mechanism is designed to ensure a smooth, strictly horizontal lifting of the parking platform of the parking lift. This mechanism consists of a pressure equalizing valve, which is connected to the hydraulic cylinders and, when the hydraulic cylinders are extended, ensures both the even extension of the rods and the alignment of the parking platform in case of uneven load from an incorrectly installed vehicle on the parking pallet.


Control Panel

The HP 5120 scissor lift control panel is a remote version and can be installed either on a stand in front of the lift, or on the wall in front of the lift. This options allow the user to stay at a safe distance from the parking platform with the car during the ascent / descent. From a safety point of view, this is the best option in which the user monitors the process, while being at a safe distance from moving elements.


The specifications of the parking lift HP 5120 may slightly differ from those offered at the time of contacting Mutrade due to the constant improvement of units and parts from which parking lifts are made. You can get the current technical characteristics of the HP 5120 parking lift at any time by contacting Mutrade.


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